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Nicolò is an artist based in Oakland (California), but original from Italy. Therefore he grew up influenced by both European and American cultures. He also came from families with a long tradition of academia, arts and science. This multicultural and scientific upbringing influenced him to be both analytical and explorative. Having traveled extensively and lived in many countries from an early age has left him with an unique combination of European sensibility and complex, and at times conflicting, world views.

Nicolò's artistic language is made of direct, well-composed and honest sentences that are expressed with a juxtaposition of objectiveness and beauty. Focusing on sense of place, identity, who we are both internally and externally; the resulting statements portray a visual landscape for the viewer to enter, raising a question to be answered.

Through attention on the perfection of the work (technique, composition, color, balance, light), the viewer is asked to focus on the essence of the subject matter. This certain subtleness to the work asks for time with the images, listening and absorbing the whispered message.
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